Directed, edited and shot by Danielle Mulcahy Starring Lee Ferris, Bianca Caruso, Oliver Bates Craven, Lydia Luce, Zoe Sky Jordan, Liam Russell, Liz Longley, Danielle Mulcahy Song written by Bianca Caruso and Lee Ferris and performed by Freddy & Francine "Half A Mind" from the record Moonless Night recorded and produced by Dan Knobler.

Show reel 2016 



What is the Seed Series? 

 The Seed Series is going to be a small collection of short films from 35 seconds to 5 minuets long. Each one is not necessarily connected to each other by its plot line but rather narratively connected by the seasons and themes of nature, dreamscapes, masks and costumes.

Each seed is intended to evolve with whatever the weather is doing the day of shooting or how a costume or mask shapes out. I am usually so harsh with myself if my work doesn't come out exactly what I envisioned. I was desperate to create something with the license to be flexible and open. I found on the film shoots I have already completed for this project, that I experience more creativity and awareness in the present moment. Without the stress of perfection, the films have seemed to effortlessly take on a new feeling to them. A feeling that I wasn't expecting or planned for, but felt familiar to me, like it was in me the entire time quiet and waiting for a chance to speak. 


"The Seed Series Trailer 1" 

"The Seed Series Trailer 2"

"The Seed Series 1 'Night Fawn'" 

"Night Fawn" was first shown with multiple projections with one main screen showing what is shown here online, while other projections of stars ect where on a violinist while playing this piece. It was a beautiful experience. 
Balada Española (Arr. J. Florido)
Rachel Barton Pine

"Seed Series 2 'Calling' "

Introducing the 2nd short film of The Seed Series. "Calling" was filmed with Ben Gramkowski on Marthas Vineyard. The short was inspired by a broken phonograph and the eerie sound it produces with out its missing horn.
"St. Luke & Calvary W.H. Morgan & Quartet"
Edison Blue Amberol Record

Introducing the 3rd short film within The Seed Series "My Haunt". This one starring the beautiful Mary Catherine. 
ALEXANDR HARUTYUNYAN • Yerevan you empty space (take 2)
Petites Planètes
ՀԱՅԱՍՏԱՆԻ ՁԱՅՆԸ ˆˆ the sounds of ARMENIA ˆˆ ((hayastani dzain))

This is so far the longest, perhaps the most disturbing out of all the shorts so far. Im a happy healthy person though because I can filter these things out properly. thank you art. Inspiration behind the bad guy here.
ALEXANDR HARUTYUNYAN • Yerevan you empty space (take 2)
Petites Planètes
ՀԱՅԱՍՏԱՆԻ ՁԱՅՆԸ ˆˆ the sounds of ARMENIA ˆˆ ((hayastani dzain))

Lejava family • "Iavnana" (lullaby composed by Lejava family)
საქართველოს ბგერები ºº the sounds of GEORGIA ºº ((saqartvelos bgerebi))
Petites Planètes

One of the more abstract seeds, a collaboration with some very talented dancers from The Yard, featuring Jesse Keller and Holly Jones. 
The dancers were given props and improvised the movements. The title was inspired by Jesse's performance with the bundle of antlers. 
More on Jesse
More on Holly
The Yard Dance Company

Music: "Lejava family, 'Iavana' (lullaby composed by Lejava family)" The Sounds of GEORGIA, Petites Planetes

"Anyone Who Knows Me" Music Video for Eric Hutchinson

"If You Want Me" Music video for Freddy and Francine

Music and Lyrics by Bianca Caruso and Lee Ferris

Produced by Todd Sickafoose
Drums: Ted Poor
Electric Guitar: Kyle Sanna
Bass: Todd Sickafoose
Acoustic Guitar: Lee Ferris
Vocals: Bianca Caruso, Lee Ferris

Directed, shot and edited by Danielle Mulcahy

From the album GUNG HO by Freddy & Francine available everywhere June 10th. 

We collaborated on this video with multitalented artist/ filmmaker Danielle Mulcahy. We flew Danielle to New Orleans during our tour and she stayed with us for 3 weeks collecting footage from all over the south. We asked complete strangers if they'd lipsync to our song "If You Want Me" and left the interpretation of the lyrics completely up to them. We wanted to show the magic of touring and the juxtaposition of beauty and destruction all over this country while also conveying the idea that everyone everywhere is deserving of love.

"Blue of Distance" - Experimental dance film in collaboration with The Yard 

"Freddy and Francine 'I Get The Feeling" - Freddy and Francine Music Video 


"Freddy and Francine 'Go Home' (Lucius Cover) - Freddy and Francine Music Video 


"Electric"  -  Promo  -  Camp Stanley of the Preforming Arts

"Magic"  -  Promo  -  Camp Stanley of the Preforming Arts

"Yoko" - Promo- Martha's Vineyard Glassworks

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